Hope someone can help v 8.5

  1. How do I keep edit screen ‘always on top’ screens such as midi edit - when I’m working I would like to keep it showing even if I click elsewhere.

  2. I have never been able to transpose a WAV file in its full state. If I try to transpose a WAV file Cubase just thinks about it and then stops responding ( anything over about one min long.
    I have to cut it into small chunks and then transpose them one at a time?

  3. Every time I want to close Cubase down (exit) it hangs and I have to go to Control + delete to shut it down?



Key Editor window doesn’t have the option to stay on top. This function is available (for some windows, for example for plug-ins, it works), when you right-click to the header of the window. Then you can enable/disable it. I would recommend you to use Workspaces.

I would recommend to try Safe Start Mode. If it works in this mode, trash preferences. What Algorithm do you use for your Audio files?

In this case, I would really recommend you to do a Safe Start Mode, or trash your preferences.