Hopeless processing overload with just 1 track. How do I record when Cubase does this?

Cubase 11 worked perfectly on this exact same hardware.

Ever since Cubase 12 it has been a constant battle to stop it overloading on the processing meters, and it seems to be getting worse. Tonight I installed 12.0.51, and now I get this.

Just one VST loaded on a single solitary track. As soon as I arm record on that track, the meters head skywards.

In the video I start by arming the record and the meter climbs from low to high. I then reduce the latency from 1024 samples to 512 and then to 256, where it locks out on the red peak - and yes it is crackling etc. This is not just a meter problem.

I need much lower latency than this to record live tracking accurately, but it is now impossible.

I simply don’t know what else to do after two decades on Cubase.

Just to be sure I fired up CB11.0.0 and set up exactly the same scenario, and the meters hardly moved off zero. So there is nothing wrong with my rig/OS etc.

Win11 22H2 build 22621.819
Cubase 12.0.51 (and all previous Cubase 12s.
2x nVME drives.
Focusrite 18i20 Gen3 with OctoPre

I went to the trouble of making a video of this happening, but have no idea how to upload it here as these forums won’t accept an Apple MOV file in 2022. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Please make sure that the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme is enabled in the Studio Setup window, and try following these steps:

Thanks for that. I’m already on the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme,

I’ll work though the suggestions on that post and report back tomorrow.


OK! So I followed the guidance in that link above and deleted the default stereo out channel and created a new one.

That does seem to have improved things quite a bit. It’s still nowhere near as good as CB11.0.0 was, but it is at least now usable.

Surely this must point to a problem which needs fixing in Cubase 12?

I don’t have any additional answers for you, but it might be worth checking that the ASIO Guard settings, and everything else in that dialog has the same settings in both 11 and 12.

I had tried every single setting in every position in both CB11 and CB12…?

This was tested to exhaustion.

CB11 continues to be very reliable.

CB12 continues to have problems, which I have mitigated to some extent, allowing me to work, but it definitely seems broken.

If you get a chance, add your motherboard and chipset if you know it. Rarely, it can be a component causing problems.

It’s an ASUS Z370-A Prime. Which has never had this problem on CB111/10/9.5/9/8.5/8/7.5/7… You get the idea.

And it runs everything else I use, including timing critical stuff, with no problems.

It shows perfect results in LatencyMon and dpclat.

I am a computer pro of some 40 years. Not some newbie. Been running DAWS for over 30 years.

All my BIOS settings are as they should be.

Why am I having to fight my corner while Cubase continue to ignore my problem???

I find it incredulous that I can post a message in these forums saying I cannot enable a single track project’s only track for VSTi recording without the meters redlining and get no response from the people who sold me the software.

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strictly speaking this is supposed USER forum not a support forum but I agree it’s unacceptable as Steinberg pick and choose what they decide to answer - even more unacceptable when the official support channels are so poor.

The support staff do regularly check these forums; holiday weekend coming right up here in the States however. Also, they’re short staffed . . .
I’ve gotten pretty good service from the support staff.
The thing is, Cubase is filled with inconsistencies in the response and features-maybe there’s too many services packed into one app. I’ve had features suddenly start working after years of being absent when Cubase was reloaded for the 3rd ttime recently.

It’s not a holiday in Germany, and I am in the UK.

Short staffed. Is that supposed to be some excuse? Being short staffed is a stategic decision, not an oversight.

Cubase is filled with inconsistencies in the response and features

Again, they choose to do that, constantly adding complexity before they have sorted what they already have.


I agree with you. And I can understand your frustration.
The question is, what consequences do you want to draw from this? Do you want to continue to be angry and wait until the problem is solved? Or is the whole thing so stressful for you that you don’t want to wait any longer for a solution? Then you should change the software.

I know, it’s so easy to say. New software costs money. You have to get used to it again etc. But from my own experience I also know that getting angry doesn’t help. Anger, as understandable as it may be in the situation, does not accelerate anything. It only harms your health.

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We have a separate tech team here in the US that we direct our questions to.
That’s all.
Also, Steinberg and Cubase are not friends to music makers.