Hoping for alternative to "Live Input"

I am hoping WL9 will have a more sensible alternative to the “Live Input” (now Audio Input) maneuvers necessary to record with plugin processing. I always felt that implementation was non-intuitive and cumbersome. Add the ASIO INPUT plug, make sure you have a montage open then hit Play (even though you are not really playing like a transport), and then switch to Record What’s Played Back: weird, even after 15 years its just feels weird. And the real drag is that you now can’t compare a track playing from the montage to what is being monitored in the record window. It is important to be able to A/B between the file playback and input+plugs with one click.

Wouldn’t it be more sensible to have something like dedicated plugin slots within the Record window itself? Leave out all the extraneous steps; leave the master section out of the recording process entirely?

Maybe I am overlooking something, but playing around with vst routing, speaker configs and trying to get clever with TotalMix does not get me where I would like to be.