Horizontal alignment


I am working with pedal lines and wonder how i can align items in the horizontal plane. Can I select them all and than apply a command to do this?

Thanks in advance

You mean you want them all to be at the same vertical position relative to the left-hand staff? At the moment you have to align them manually: we do not at present have an option to align them all to the same position.

I mean that when I input pedal lines they jump up and down with whatever note is present; e.g. when it’s a low A they appear low and when it’s higher note they appear higher. Of course I would like to see a straight line of pedaling.
Or did I miss a setting in some menu?

Thanks again!

No, you didn’t miss a setting: as I said, at the moment, you have to align them manually.

OK, Daniel,

Thanks for your time and for the wonderful update: incredible features that work really well!