horizontal dotted line with ending mark above/below staff


What is currently the best way to draw horizontal dotted lines with ending mark above (or even below) staff?
This is required in modern music to indicate a slow change, for example, from “sul tasto” to “sul pont.”
I could not find a good way.
I could put “…” as long as I need, but it occurs problems changing the layout such as staff size.
Does Dorico 3 provide such a flexible line tool?

I already read the following thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=121774

Since “sul tasto” and “sul pont.” are playing techniques, you just have to edit them. In the editor window, there’s a panel that says continuation. There, select the type of continuation you need (e.g. dashed line) and the type of ending.
Be sure to select all the passage that you want to cover with the line (you can edit it just as with dynamics, i.e. alt+shift+arrows).

This video shows you how it’s done. You can also read about these features in the Dorico 3 Version History PDF.

I did not find the new feature correctly because there are lots of variations of sul ponticello.
Now I have figured it out. It is great!