Horizontal movement of notes/grid value

Maybe a hard one to explain, but I’ll give it a go:

Is it possible (in write mode) to have BOTH shift+alt+arrow(left or right) AND alt+arrow(left or right) to affect the note in the note values selected in the bottom left pop up menu, regardless of the value of the selected note?
(A whole note could then both be prolonged, shortened and moved horizontally by steps of e.g. eight notes)

Another way to explain what I mean:

Just love the feature of shortening/lenghtening notes by shift+alt+arrow(L/R) keys and moving them horizontally alt+arrow(L/R)

It would be so great to be able to use the same… grid/step value as specified in the bottom left thingy when moving notes horizontally using the alt+arrows.

Right now, if having the grid set to eight notes, you can prolong, say that whole note on the down beat of a certain bar in steps of eights.
But if genius suddenly strikes and you realize that whole note needs to start on the last offbeat of the previous bar - you can’t simply move that wholenote by grid specified steps, using alt+arrow left it’ll leap back its entire length, thus messing up the previous bar.

(One obvious workaround for now being select the note you want to move, change its value into your intended step value, move it, then change it to desired duration.)

Yes, the intention is that Alt+left/right arrow should use the grid value in the same way that Shift+Alt+left/right arrow does, but the Alt+left/right feature is really not completely implemented yet. I hope we’ll be able to get back to this relatively soon.