Horizontal scroll not going far enough

The smallest of details: the horizontal scrolling in either write or engrave mode doesn’t let the last page to be scrolled to the middle of the screen - nor can one get the left edge (=first page) to the middle. Might be only a (small!) problem when working with extra wide monitors…

Yes, we do limit the amount of “background” around the score and it keeps the the first and last pages pinned relatively close to their respective edges of the display. It’s been requested a couple of times that we add an option to allow the background to be larger, and we may well do that in future, though it does complicate a bit the logic for how Dorico automatically moves the music around when you navigate or e.g. during note input or playback, and it would require some careful testing to ensure we don’t introduce any unexpected regressions in this area.

Speaking of navigating during note input… I’d love it if when Dorico automatically shifts the view forward if the measure that you just entered was still visible. It’s very frustrating to me when I’m in galley view and advance one note too far and it scrolls so far forward that I cannot see what I just did. Even one measure’s grace would be a huge improvement.

That’s what Dorico should be doing, James. Perhaps you could attach a minimal example that shows what’s happening for you, with a before screenshot showing the screen position before the note input that causes the screen to move, and then an after screenshot showing where Dorico leaves the music afterwards. Please be sure to make screenshots of your entire desktop rather than just a tiny bit of the Dorico window. The size and dimensions of the window and your overall desktop are significant factors in how Dorico behaves when it moves the score automatically.