Horizontal scrolling in Dorico 3

Hello everyone

I just installed Dorico 3 on my PC and everything seemed to work fine until I tried to scroll (horizontally in galley view) with my Wacom touchpad. It doesn’t work… Also, the vertical scrolling is in reverse (in comparison to every other app on my computer that is). The reason for my surprise is that I strongly believe (hope I’m not in error but this is what my reflexes tell me…) that in Dorico 2 it worked!

I also have a double scrolling Logitech mouse and it works brilliantly, but when writing with the keyboard, the double finger scrolling swipe is a lot easier to use for me. This is precisely why I bought the touchpad.

Is this problem solvable somehow?

Thank you

It’s not just you. This is a problem that has been reported for some users in Dorico 3. I can’t scroll horizontally either.

In which OS are you working?

It’s a problem on Windows for me (and Dan, and VanDariu used the term “PC”)

Win 10

Scrolling through the score works in my case perfectly, any way scrolling in a mixer works quite sluggish. In most cases it doesn’t work, sometimes it works and then doesn’t work again. Not a major request, any way while tuning a balance in a score it takes time to do it each time with a mouse.

If somebody can recommend an inexpensive external trackpad that supports multi-touch for Windows, we’ll get one and try to figure out what’s happening here.

I’ve got a wacom tablet I’ll bring in

I’ve got a couple of quiet days at the start of this week. Could pop in with my HP laptop and lend it to the cause…