Horizontal Scrolling with Logitech Mouse

Hi guys.

I’m using a Logitech MX mouse in Win10. http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/mx-master

As you can see its got a scroll wheel at the top and one where the thumb is. I was hoping to use the horizontal scroll function for the bottom wheel. As of yet I haven’t gotten it to work. Is this possible?


I have the same mouse.
The horizontal scroll wheel works well in Reaper and other programs, but Cubase doesn’t seem to recognise the horizontal scroll wheel.

The work around I use is to use X Mouse Button Control.

I have it set so that when I scroll left or right, it sends a shift+mousewheel up/down.

It only does this when cubase is the active window.

I also set it to reverse the scroll when when shift is held down, so that the scrolling in Cubase works the same as every other windows program.

Thanks for that, I’ll try it today. Do I need to uninstall the logitech SW in order to use the X mouse Button Control?

Hi, Might you explain to me how you set this up, I just got the X-mouse Button Control panel and can’t seem to make heads or tails of it.


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I posted some instructions and screenshots here:

Posting from my phone, so I hope the link works.
If not, go to the hardware forum and the “What mouse are you using?” thread.

That’s wonderful Richlum. Question about the how you programmed the shift…I’m not sure what that does exactly?

The “Layers” in X Mouse are basically like command sets or profiles.
Layer 1 is active by default, but you can enable another by assigning a key command to it.

I have SHIFT activate layer 2.
In Layer 2, moving the mouse wheel up sends a mouse wheel down command and vice versa.

So, the mouse wheel is only reversed when shift is held down in cubase. It works normally the rest of the time in Cubase and in other programs.

Hope that helps.


Thanks so much for being patient with me. I set everything up like you had suggested, but for some reason now when I use the horizontal scrolling, cubase creates a whole bunch of markers…(I have a key command (]) set for markers…) not sure why…


That key command shouldn’t matter.
I have the left and right square brackets set to jump to the left and right locators.

It’s sounds like your entry in X Mouse Control is sending the square bracket, but the square bracket in the screenshot is part of the shift key signal.

I have just bought the Logitech MX Master as well and was very surprised that horizontal scrolling didn’t work in Cubase. It’s basically what I bought it for.

Steinberg can’t sell to me that it’s too hard to implement in Windows. I am a Software Architect, I know what i’m talking about. Reaper can do it, Excel can do it, Chrome can do it; shall I continue? (the list probably continues with ProTools, FL Studio, Ableton Live, PreSonus Studio One, Bitwig and all of the DAWs I didn’t mention).

This should be native to Cubase. Using external tools to simulate this behavior is just nonsense.

Please Steinberg, just buy the Logitech MX Master mouse for 65 euros and fix this in Cubase 9 so we can improve our workflow. It’s not rocket science.

same problem here, just bought this mouse for Horizontal Scrolling, but Cubase does NOT support

+1! I also have the Logitech MX Master. I’m on a Mac. I actually have an Apple Trackpad on my left hand side just to be able to scroll… Would be great if Steinberg could look into this!

I did find a temporary workaround though. Using the Logitech Options software, I mapped one of the buttons (for example the thumb button or the small button on the middle) as MIDDLE BUTTON. Cubase enables you to smooth pan in all directions while holding down this button. Actually it’s not too bad. And the “free pan” scrolling is much smoother than the usual Cubase scrolling too.