Horizontal scrolling with mouse

After thinking it would be nice to have a horizontal scroll wheel on my HP mouse to avoid those tiny scrollbars, I’ve just discovered that it’s been there all along. By pressing the mouse-wheel down and moving the mouse left or right you can achieve horizontal scrolling in Cubase. But perhaps everybody knew about this already.

I use shift+scroll wheel to scroll horizontally.

shift+scroll needs two hands. What we really need is foot pedals for ctrl, shift, alt.

Hello. Is this behavior a preference setting? My mouse doesn’t know to do this, but it seems a preference setting could teach it.

There’s no special setup for Windows 7 - do not know about Windows 10. Can you press your mouse-wheel down ? Perhaps some mice don’t have this feature.

Nice idea! Church organ pianists have keyboard for foots :slight_smile:
Maybe we should have a second wheel for right toe too? :wink:

Yes, my mouse wheel can go up and down and side to side. I will explore this a bit more and see what it will teach me. Thanks!

OMG I´ve been studying Cubase for years and I didnt know this. THANK YOU!!!

Wish there was something like this for the mix console. Its sooo uncomfortable to have to drag the horizontal bar, and I don´t like the Shift+Scroll thing, because it feels like I could move something accidentally.

Feature Request Warriors… ASEMBLE!!!

This is middle mouse button scrolling (actually it’s panning, not scrolling). Hold down the middle mouse button and the cursor changes to a hand.

This is brilliant find! Thanks a lot! Now how we assign this behavior on the key?