Horizontal Zoom changes when opening a folder track or when duplicating a track

Cubase Pro 12.0.40, Win10

Does anybody else encounter this behaviour?
When I have a project on maximum zoom out horizontally and unfold a folder track, the zoom level is changed by itself.



What is the length of your project, please?

I have tried with different length. From 1m30s to 6h30m.
I have also trashed my preference folder already.
I furthermore tried to start from at least one of the templates that are installed by Cubase.

So, it doesn’t happen on your version?

I can reproduce (12.0.52, Win10). When opening the folder, Cubase zooms in a little bit (not much, around 1 bar).

I can reproduce. At least one Track needs to be inside the Folder though.

Only one bar? In my example above it is 19 bars.

Hey, Welcome back, Louis! :+1:

I can reproduce this with a 4:00 song. It’s very frustrating and behaves exactly as Johnny_Moneto describes.

Yes at least 1 track needs to be in the folder.

I haven’t found a length where it does not demonstrate this issue.

At first I thought perhaps if I just delete some random tracks this bad behavior would vanish. I ended up deleting all but my output folder, and just opening the output folder causes this.

I have also tried changing the project set-up end time…no difference.

However this behavior does not exist in all of my current projects. Atm, only 1 of them. I noticed this happening several weeks ago with this 1 project.

  1. Is this happening in every project for you? For me, only 1 of them.

  2. When you then use the KC “zoom full” to correct this behavior, do you have to press the KC more than once? For me the fist time it slightly adjusts, then a 2nd press of “zoom full” corrects it .

It happens in every project that I tried out. E.g. if I use this factory template:

Yes, same here. This is what it looks like. It is a only small detail on screen but after the first usage of “zoom full” you can see the dot of the horizontal slider jump a few pixels to the right.
On second usage of “zoom full” it goes back to the left and the horizontal scroll bar comes into the picture (because now the project is actually fully zoomed out).

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I have also noticed the behaviour when duplicating a track. It doesn’t matter whether I use the context menu or the key command (Shift D).

Based on the few replies here, I get the feeling this issue is not 100% reproducible.

Based on replies so far, I think it is a Windows only issue.
I’m bumping this because it’s what I consider a big issue.

It’s happening to me on a project and I don’t know what to do now.