Horizontal Zoom Problem

Hi everyone!
I’m having a minor issue with Nuendo 7.1 (Win7Pro), but I was not able to solve it.
Sometimes it happens the horizontal zoom “auto-locks”, reaching a certain maximum which it’s really not so high (but it varies), so I find myself uncomfortable in doing precision editing, since I’m not able to “unlock” the zoom.
Most of the time I use Ctrl+Scroll Wheel.
The scroll wheel works just fine, but when it comes to zoom in the horizontal way sometimes that problem occurs.
Also I noticed tha the drop down menu in the lower right of the project window, it’s missing all the preset settings it normally has
Ideas anyone?

Hi @macroburla!
I am aware it’s been 5 years since you posted this, but did you ever figure out how to fix it?
I’ve just encountered the same issue myself on Nuendo 12 (Win 11 Pro) and cannot find a fix.

Hey there!
As far as I can remember, I’ve never actively solved that thing, but cannot recall if and how it was fixed in that environment (N7.1 W7P).
Today I’m using N12.0.52 and W10P 21H2 and it’s working just fine.
Did you try opening a ticket for that?

Hey - thanks for coming back to me. I had already given up on that issue until I saw your message. After some more digging around the forum I found a thread with a solution. Someone named @lamacchiacosta figured it out and it’s to do with the Project Duration. So, if the project is longer than 12 hours (12:00:00:00) the zoom-in will be limited.
I’m not sure whether or not it’s a bug or an intended behavior, although I can’t think of a reason why would that be a desired behavior :thinking:

We have projects that are 100 hours long. We digitize vinyl, tapes… one after the other … in one track. Projects with 800 GB audiofiles. We are not aware of the phenomenon you describe. And we use 4 work computers (Windows). N10 … N12
If it is windows - I would rather rely on the graphics card. We use e.g. Nvidia GeForce.

So, after some more testing I can confirm that the maximum zoom-in capability is 100% relative to the Project Duration. The shorter the project the higher zoom-in and vice versa. Test it yourself, set your project duration to say 15 seconds and test the zoom and then set it to 100 hours and compare. Big difference!
Also, to be clear, I’m referring to zooming within the Project Window, not the Sample Editor. Even if the project length is 100 hours, it’s possible to decouple the zoom in the Sample Editor by changing the zoom mode to “Clip-Based Zoom” which in turn let’s you zoom-in all the way to samples.

Same here! Also had this “issue” some years ago and just shortened the project length. I don’t really get it why this limitation is there, but it’s there :slight_smile:

OK - I’ll test that too. At the moment I only have projects longer than 20 hours. But I’ll compare that with a small project of one hour. I always found the zoom level sufficient.

Must say I didn’t have that “issue” since N10, at least, cannot really remember with N8, but N10 and N12 worked and working just fine.