Horizontal zoom while moving mouse on the ruler


It’s been forever in Cubase: you move the mouse locator on the time ruler, going from left to right, trying to locate a certain specific point in time. While you are doing this, suddenly horizontal zoom is changed, and then quickly changed again and again, as you continue to move the locator position on the ruler. While that happens, you really need your current zoom maintained, not changed. But somehow horizontal zoom sometimes unexpectedly reacts to the mouse/locator horizontal moves on the ruler.

Please REMOVE this! Adjusting horizontal zoom by swiping mouse on the time ruler is useless and it messes up with you when you zoom in and are looking for a certain precise point in time.

Thank you!


No - can’t support this sorry… It has been in Cubase forever, and that’s exactly why it shouldn’t go…! Its completely second nature to me to navigate round - after so many years, don’t want to have to un-think that… :wink:

What YOU could try, is to use the Shift+mousewheel to scroll horizontally, which will keep your zoom scale intact, for moving the current view. Don’t use the Ruler/Timeline method when you know all you want is to just move to another area of the project (forward or back). Try it…!


Well, I use G and H keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out horizontally, so zooming while dragging the mouse on the ruler isn’t in the game for me :slight_smile: And I’ve been using Cubase since version 1 this way. When I move mouse on the ruler, I don’t do that because I want to “move to another area of the project.” I do this to locate the Play Pointer / Locator to a very precise point within a Project when I score a film. I look at the video, zoom in very close and then move the mouse back and forth on the ruler to find a precise frame of the video which I need to address a certain way. Now, if I do this and the Project suddenly starts to zoom in and out, that’s something that messes up the process of me looking for that one precise point in the video. So I’m sorry mate, but I’ve got a good point here.

Now that I said that, I’ve just remembered that there is a switch for this function in Preferences / Transport / Zoom while Locating in Time Scale. Problem solved :sunglasses:

Ah…! Ok, got ya - you are already zoomed in very close, and want to position the playhead, WITHOUT further zoom ‘annoyance’…!

Glad you included your last paragraph - as that was what I would have next suggested… :slight_smile:

All is good…

This is the single most annoying change in Cubase 8 … the ruler zoom and navigation :frowning: Hopefully they’ll bring back the old behavior!

trashdinner - please see my previous reply here: there is a Preference / Transport setting which turns this on and off :sunglasses:

oh sorry I thought you were talking about the new zooming behavior that seperate the cursor from the pointer when zooming in the ruler. Nevermind then! I love the horizontal zoom … not the new behavior :wink: