Horizontal zoom with option+cmd+wheel in Cubase 13


In Cubase 12 I was able to zoom in/out horizontally holding option+command key on Mac and using the scroll wheel.
In Cubase 13 this now somehow is mapped to zooming the waveform display.
I’m using horizontal zoom much more than zooming into the waveform…
Is there a way to restore this behaviour?


I’m using touchpad here. In Cubase 13:

  • Cmd + move Left/Right or Up/Down is the Zoon In/Out (Horizontal).
  • Cmd + Shift + Left/Right or Up/Down is the Zoom In/Out Verically. (This is new in Cubase 13.)

So with common mouse, I would expect the same with the Cmd (Horizontally) or Cmd+Shift (Vertically) Zoom.

OMG you’re right, horizontal scroll is now simply cmd+scroll.
I thought I tried all combinations :smile: thx!