Horn alto and Horn basso translation error

Hello !

When Dorico is in French, in Configuration Mode, when you want to add a player, the Horn alto and Horn basso are badly translated to “Bugle” (which means Flugelhorn), instead of “Cor”.
But it adds correctly as a “Cor”

Could this be corrected in a next update ?

Thank you !

Hi Christophe,

It looks as if the translation for the English “Horn (alto)” is currently “Bugle (ténor)”, and “Horn (basso)” is “Bugle (basse)”. The latter one seems straightforward: I guess we should change this to “Cor (basse)”. But what about “Bugle (ténor)”? Should that be changed to “Cor (ténor)” or something else?

Well, honestly I don’t know what is the right French translation. I was copying a Beethoven Symphony into Dorico, and there was an A Horn, which I couldn’t find in Dorico, until someone pointed me that it exists while Dorico is in English.
But I guess, that, yes, you could translate the Bugle (ténor) to Cor (ténor). At least it will better than the current translation.