Horn in b flat

I often have to write scores for a b flat horn. I can’t find this in the instrument library.

Would it be possibe to add it in a furure version ?

The “Horn (alto)” is available in B flat. There’s also a “Horn (basso)” in B flat that’s down the octave.

Thanks for your answer.

I had not seen this alto horn because I use french names and alto horn seems to be translated as “bugle alto”.
I thnik it would have been more simple to have a Bb horn like in Sibelius.

If I’m not mistaken you could select any other instrument in b flat (e. g. a trumpet) and change the instrument name in Setup mode and save this as standard for the instrument. Then you can also change the sound patch used to one that better fits your instrument if you desire.

Thanks, I had not seen the save as standard feature.

I’ve just posted a tutorial to create personnalized instrument in Dorico using XML files :https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=145714