Horn Range and Reddish Notes

To the best of my knowledge and experience, horn (“French horn”) range is about A1 to F5. Dorico is flagging G2 with that dark reddish color that I believe is supposed to be a warning.

Any thoughts on this, or should I ignore it?

Just ignore it, or turn it off. Any 4th Horn player can play that. But I do think it’s hard to attack low notes that fast, if your tempo is faster than, say, q=60.

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You can switch off the notes out of range warning in View>Note and Rest Colours.

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Thank you. And I probably will take away that fast pattern.

I also noticed it is flagging this, although it is a little closer to the limit. (That’s in treble clef.)


Treble Clef?

Yeah, the darker red notes are a little warning that more elementary-level players might have difficulty with that range.

(I suspect) you work in concert pitch? Normally, only written G5 and up is considered the start of the upper register.

Sorry I failed to explain. Yes, this view is concert pitch. Thanks.