Horn Range

Just a little note (because I don’t really know where to submit feedback like this):
The range of the horn only goes down to concert A1, but should go down to F1.

There are several cases of this (in vocal parts the ranges are to small). I hope Steinberg can fix this HALion defect eventually.

Do you use this low horn register in some compositions ? I’m just curious…

I play horn, so I’m interested in being able to play back its full range, but I would say that stopping at concert A1 is recommended unless you PERSONALLY know the hornist who will be playing the part.
It’s not safe to assume that even a professional can play these notes.

I only came across it when engraving a piece written by a hornist, for a hornist.

Oh I see. That makes sense to me.

Actually I wondered if there was an orchestral situation where you would have some benefit in using those notes (in a pianissimo passage of course) because as far as I know, notes below concert C2 sound rather fantomatic.

Horn is a beautiful and inspiring instrument. My daughter learns it and I discover new things nearly every day :slight_smile:

You must mean
For what it’s worth, notes down to B1 get weaker, but then stronger again starting at Bb1. This does go for all players though. The great low horn players of the world can really pump out a forte G1 (see the Album Opera! by the Berlin Philharmonic horn section), but on F#1 mezzo-forte is barely possible and on F1 it’s a crapshoot. The perils of a half-tube instrument I guess.
The F1 in question took many months of daily training by the player concerned to get to a solid mezzo-forte.

Have a look to the demotracks of the Album “Opera!” by the Berlin Philharmonic horn section.

Sarah Willis is the Interpred of the low horn.

Unfortunately the first track demo starts JUST after the G1 in question.

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