Hornet Tape Plugin 1.1.1 Crashing Cubase 10.0.15

Has anyone notice this issue on a Mac with Hornet Tape Plugin 1.1.1 Crashing Cubase 10.0.15.

I contacted Hornet about it and they said there was a new release coming in a few days that should fix the issue but the release notes for 1.1.2 says it is only a fix for Studio One.

Any one having this issue with Ver 1.1.1 and found it was fixed with Ver 1.1.2. I’m hesitant to try it to be honest. It is a GREAT sounding Tape plugin btw.


Also, I’ve asked Hornet twice since the new release if it fixes the issue with Cubase and/or when a new fix is coming and have had not other response.

Ok, PROBLEM SOLVED. Hornet Tape 1.12 does solve issue crashing Cubase 9.5x and 10.0.15 when removing the plugin and also the issue when closing a project containing Tape and then a crash happening when opening another project. It only states in the revision notes that the fix is for Studio One but it fixed it for me running Sierra on my MacPro 5.1 tower. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand::ok_hand: