Horrible Clipping with Vienna Ensemble Pro

I have a big trouble which affects my hears : I don’t know why but sometimes when I switch between my track I have an horrible clipping noise…
I made this video (without sound but you can see the problem with the signal level) to show you the issue. When I switch between the instrument and the Directory Cubase makes my ears bleeding.
Do you have any advice to avoid this ?

Please please

I put the sound (the mp3 file) on another file but please take care before hearing it it’s very loud.
Many Thanks for your helpProcessing: Clipping.mkv…

Try creating a new session from scratch.
As you bring in each instrument keep checking the meters to track down the issue.

Thanks Slinky.
Unfortunately, I’m at the begining of my session… I had the troubles with big orchestral sessions but here it is a very poor one for the moment so I’m very worried.
What I could noticed is that I guess it’s going to happen only with VEP. I have no memory of something similar happened in a Cubase only session even in big ones.
On this example, when I switch between folders & instruments it does happen each time. But why ?