Horrible customer service after trying to buy Cubase Elements

Dear all,

I called the customer service of Steinberg. I had bought Cubase Elements 11. After I paid the bank transfer, I did not receive any notification for 4 days. Nothing. I called them today on the Dutch Helpdesk. I heard on the phone: nobody is at the office. Ok, nice. Then I called the English one. I got someone on the phone and it turned out I had to pay 99,99, so I missed 99 cents. It was my fault, I explained that I would pay that if I could. The lady said they would get back to me in 5 minutes. Nothing. I called back, suddenly nobody on the phone. I called the German number, nobody at the office, I called the English number again; nobody. I raised a ticket AGAIN (after I did that 4 days ago); nothing. Guys, I want my product and I am pretty sure that after this, I am never buying anything from you guys again. The website keeps pushing me 100 times as well to solve the problem through an article. The answer is not in an Article guys. You can ask me that once but I literally got like 6 popups with: are you sure it’s not on the forum? Are you sure it’s not in the FAQ?

Just help me. You can solve this issue in 1 minute if you want to.

Well this is a user’s forum, so actually we can’t.