Horrible distortion on 2 midi tracks during mix down

I posted about this on the AB board. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. No matter how I mix this down I get the same 2 pads (PGP and Sunrizer) that distort badly.

Lars, going to send you a PM of video of what I’m doing and please help?


Hi Chaztrip,

Sunrizer freeze and mixdown works for me without problems on iPAD 10.5, iOS 11.4, cubasis 2.5.

  • Close all apps running in the background which you do not use in cubasis.
  • Check your CPU usage
  • Change your hardware latency in setup/Audio
  • Test with Audio Unit Mixdown Compatibility Mode
  • Test with Real-time Mixdown and Freeze

If all apps are closed in the background and your CPU consumption in cubasis is not at the limit your freeze and mixdown should be error-free.
Apps running in the background and not used by cubasis are not displayed as CPU consumption in cubasis.

we need more information and a detailed step by step description

best jan