Horrible high pitched noise on channel 2 UR22C interface

I need some suggestions or I’m done with this thing. Never had a problem with my 2 channel UR22C. Interface but now all of a sudden I can’t use any of the REV effects for my guitar and when I use my DAW which is currently Cakewalk by bandlab I get this high pitch screeching noise on my guitar track(I use channel 2 for recording guitar) and I can’t lay down a track even. It’s there even when nothing plugged in just qued up on track…Plus it like started morphing it’s on sound without the plugin i use. I updated the Yamaha plug in and the UR C tools but it’s just not working. Has anyone had these issues?? Should I use the 3.0 jack or bounce down to 2.0 on a powered USB hub?? I current use the 3.0. Any feedback will help. I’m using an HP Ryzen AMD laptop. It’s definitely powerful enough and runs smooth but lately it’s been tough to get it from crashing on this recording program

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Unfortunately you have placed your post into the german forum and here into the lounge. If you change the tags of your post to Steinberg Hardware and remove the tag “Auf Deutsch” you probably have a much better chance of getting information.

This looks like the common problem as described in your manual.
Look for “loopback mode” in your manual and/or youtube and/or on this forum.