Hot Key for "Key Editor" and "Drum Editor"

I have Cubase 10 pro, on a iMac 10.13.6 and desperately need to become more efficient. I can not find a way to toggle between windows (within Cubase) the "Project window " and “key editor, and drum editors”. I can toggle between Cubase and other programs and can toggle between windows of the project screen and “mix console” (fn F3). Please advise!

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Thanks steve, that did bring me a step closer, however I still dont have a way to “toggle” the “key editor” from “project window” immediately with a key stroke. I have to com+down arrow to show all windows open and then arrow over to the desired window them com+down arrow again. I was able to create a hot key (shift+k) to open the project window thanks you your instruction, otherwise it would take more steps. Problem is still that this requires me to take both hands off mouse and is not efficient due to that I have to still com+arrow down.