Hot news?

It is definitely a thing, and they definitely are (I have no privy knowledge, I’m just assuming). It’s great to read an in-depth review of a new version the day it comes out! :slight_smile:

If I had to guess, since the author of that blog is a.) descended from the old Sibelius blog, b.) one of the most influential and widely-read scoring blogs in the anglo world, & c.) very thorough and fair, I’m guess they are not only in the know well in advance as well as a beta tester, I’d wager they are consulted on the product roadmap based on the feedback they receive in their own right. Clearly it serves Dorico well to have them working on it and writing their in-depth posts which puts them in front of eyes that otherwise would not see such things.

Let me put you out of your misery: there won’t be any news today.

I wondered… especially since the “hangout” on YT is scheduled for tomorrow. I’m sure some people (myself included) will be glad for the official word so we can go about our day and not keep checking the blog lol. There are way more people on the blog today than normal. (ref: the active users footer)

Daniel: your post made me laugh. Definitely eagerly waiting here :slight_smile:

  • D.D.

Thanks, Daniel! Misery is postponed until tomorrow when I will resume my active refreshing of the downloads page haha

You won’t need to refresh the download page. When the announcement comes, there will be a new blog post on the Dorico blog (which you’ll see in Dorico’s own Hub window), an announcement here on the forum, posts on social media, plus there will also be a press release, etc. This next update is kind of a big deal. Your patience will be rewarded.

Then, tomorrow maybe? Ha, ha, ha… :laughing:

I really understand the “Are we there yet, daddy?” of my 3-year-old son, every 10 seconds, when walking to his favorite playground.

And playing the long game, unless you are planning for an anticlimax that must mean that version 3.0 will be an even bigger deal than a “dot” version :smiley:

“A big deal.” Them’s fighting words.

I’m very much looking forward to it; so far every Dorico update has comfortably exceeded expectations and John’s last video session certainly upped the ante on this one.

And yes, it feels like Christmas is coming early.

that Sydney launch is in about 9hrs.

I thought it had already happened. Sydney is ahead - it’s 27th there before anywhere else! :open_mouth:

hmm, you’re right, I thought it was down for the 28th… so if it happened at that time, it was 17 1/2 hrs ago…

Anyone know if it actually happened?

You don’t even want to THINK about going down that path… if you know what’s good for you. :laughing:

It’s not like we’re all chompin’ at the bit here, in eager anticipation with cursor impatiently poised over the DOWNLOAD button as soon as it appears… :wink:

It’s out!

Up early for my medical procedure. Got it downloaded before heading out. I’ll play with it tomorrow…

OMG. Wow.
Bye bye Sibelius, it was nice knowing you… :wink:


Dorico’s dominant color (blue) should be revealing. All blue, and no pink anywhere!


The poem is very good indication, but I’m wondering how fun it was for Daniel to reply the way he did in this thread…

Congratulations, chaps! And thank you!