Hot-Switching user interface language.

This is a feature request targeting Dorico 5 or later. (Maybe too late for Dorico 4.)

I personally prefer to use Dorico in English. However, sometimes I may have needs to show my work and / or operating procedures to my instructors on my campus. Only some of my instructors can read English. In such cases I have to restart Dorico which is time-consuming (pretty sensitive in Japanese culture to ask instructors to have patience with this).

Therefore, I am wondering whether Dorico can support switching user interface language without rebooting Dorico application itself.

P.S.: I also found Dorico 3.1.0 crashes everytime I was trying to read MusicXML files generated by “SmartScore Music-to-XML Music Notation Recognition” app (purchased from Mac App Store). If Daniel (or other Dorico dev members) have any interests in this, please let me know and I will find some time to pack up crash reports and send them to his email address.

I’m sure it would be technically possible, but I can’t see it being a high enough priority to make it worth addressing in even the medium term, I’m afraid.

Re: the MusicXML files that cause Dorico to crash, no need to send crash reports: just zip up and attach a MusicXML file that causes a crash and we’ll take a look at it.

Email sent. (Sorry for not posting an attachment here because it is confidential to the public.)

Adding my two cents: I have no idea what the cost would be in terms of labor, time and resources, but I think that localized-from-the-English-language software should have a toggle (some “hot key”) to temporarily change the interface to English, so that one using a non-English version can quickly see what that menu item is in English. Then going to a forum or help function that is all in English would at least be possible.

In fact, I’ve wished for bi-lingual interfaces, but I guess that’d be a nightmare to make the text fit.

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