Hot to use UR22c with Mac / FL Studio / Logic X Pro

A few days ago, I bought my first Mac (mini2018).

When I installed the soundcard drivers (ur22c) for Catalina, everything seemed to work fine, I could even select the soundcard with FL Studio.

After I installed some other software(maybe logic x), the card stopped working, no matter, if I opened logic or FL Studio.

I made a complete clean reinstall of Mac OS catalina only to find out, that after heaving reinstalled the soundcard drivers and FL, the mistake still is here („could not load core audio“)

It does not play any role, if I chose UsB 2.o or 3.1 within the yamaha driver.

My soundcard is working fine on windows 10 / dell laptop, but I would like to produce on Mac.

Does anyone have any idea?

What could I do?

I found out, that as soon, as I install the Yamaha USB driver (the newest or the one before), my soundcart UR22C will stop working in combination with a daw.
When I uninstall the driver again, it seems to be still recognized and it works with my DAWs.

So I will leave it without heaving installed the USB driver, until I have found a solution.

I am open for your opinion …

The issue is that it also doesn’t work with Cubase. As soon as you launch Cubase, it must also launch the USB driver. This causes the the audio interface to not work anymore (I’m using a UR44c). Maybe I should also try and delete the USB driver and see if that works. I did report this to Steinberg support. Hopefully will be fixed very soon. Works fine on my PC, just not my Mac with the latest Catalina version. SJ

You can uninstall the USB driver with the uninstall-routine in the original pkg.

I have no “benchmark” though, in order to test how powerful this “set-up” is (meaning: with not heaving installed the driver).

It could affect latency (there was a significant / detectable latency I could feel, when using my midi piano) and also sound quality.
Why does one need the proprietary driver in the first place, if it runs better without any driver on mac?

It is a little bit complicated.
Things are easier on ipad and (for the moment) on Win 10.
But I thought, this soundcard would also work on a mac, heaving the proprietary diver installed.
I don’t use cubase.
To be honest, this resembles a little bit the bad experiences I made with the support of steinberg / cubase.
You should assume, that a 150€ device has a working driver for the newest mac catalina, but it doesn’t.
You can wait for your reply for a long time, I guess.

Steinberg support had 2 different people call me to go through the issue. It was then escalated to Germany. Very responsive so far. SJ

Please have a look at this article

A more general approach can be found in the article by Apple:

It is important to know that the option to change the setting disappears 30 minutes into the session so a reboot might be needed to allow you to change the setting.

This was fixed for me with the newly released USB driver. But great hint about looking at that option. Didn’t know it disappeared after 30 minutes! Thanks.

This option does not appear, even after I wait 30 minutes and even if I reboot.
The driver is loaded properly, when installed and I can playback video with sound etc. and also change the USB mode to 2.0 etc.
Only when I open a DAW, the connection is lost.
So I assume, it does not concern the security issue mentioned above.

LeXXt, if you have a look at your system report (about this Mac) under Software -> Disabled Software, is the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver still listed there?

I can only read there “no informaion was found”.

LeXXt, would it be possible to sent me a system report file (.spx) that’s been saved while the driver is installed and the UR22C is connected? A private message will do.

Hi, @Ed Doll,

is that possible that you integrate the dspMixFx control into Logic Pro X with the Audio Device Control ?

it would be a huge game changer to logic users not having to go back and fourth to the dspMixFx and stay in the workflow, I know that this is possible with Cubase, but I don’t know if you can do this with Cubasis 3 on iOS devices ?

You would be directly attracting Logic users to Steinberg Hardware a bit like what Apogee is doing :