Hotkey for octave transpose

Is there a hotkey for transposing selected midinotes one octave up or down?

Shift+Up/Down (Arrow keys)

Thank you . Perfect. Is there a list of hotkeys anywhere? I searched in the manual and did not find anything on “transpose octave” or “octave shift”.


You can find all of them in the Key Commands windows. You can also search here, or assign own Key Commands.

I found only one hit for transpose there and it did not show anything about SHIFT.

Have a look at Cubase 7 forum. The first topic is Tips and Tricks. You can find a few handy keyboard shortcuts there.


You are right, it’s called “Add Up” in the Key Commands.

The Ops manual has a list of Key Commands starting on pg. 1003

I’d also suggest looking at assigning “T” to “Transpose Set-up” rather than having it toggle the time base from int. to ext. which I think is what Cubase provides by default.

Up and Down Arrow move the selected note(s) by half-steps, Shift + Up and Down arrow moves the selected notes up and down by Octaves.

You can also do simple, non-diatonic transpositions on the Info Line, sometimes useful for jumping a part by an octave or some fixed number of semitones.

Good luck. :slight_smile: