Hotkey for toggling between tabs on a Mac?

Hi - seems my Mac’s hotkey cmd-tab is overriding Dorico’s toggle between tabs function and using it to toggle between applications. Would I need to create a custom hotkey to get around this? (if so, how is that done?)

You can do it in Preferences (Cmd + ,), key commands. Since “Alt + Tab” on windows does the same than cmd + tab on mac, you could use that!

On Mac:
Command Tab toggles between applications.
CTRL Tab toggles between tabs of the current application.
Command ` (the little backwards tick usually next to Z) toggles between windows of the current application.

There should be no need to override or customize anything.

Dorico is the only programme on my Mac that does not open switching with Command Tab on my Mac, why?

Sorry, @srh, but what do you mean? Dorico doesn’t do anything to interfere with the Command-Tab app switcher.

Hi Daniel, in my case it does. I can do the Command Tab (being in any other app) but when I release it the app does not open like all other apps so I have to go to the task bar with the cursor to activate. No big deal but strange. Siebe

That’s certainly not the case here. This always happens? If you quit and restart Dorico? If you quit and restart your computer? Are you running Dorico full-screen? Are you running it inside its own Space or full-screen tab?

Restarted everything but it happens indeed when Dorico is (in ist own) full screen so when you don’t see the menu’s unless move the cursor to the top part of the screen. Meanwhile: terrific programme, I will propagate it in the Dutch Conservatories!

It seems to work fine here, even in full screen.

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It works fine for me too, in full screen on a Mac.

I had some more window size problems and used the app Rectangle. I now sitched it of and today Command Tab is working normally. Thanks for the reactions!

Is cmd ` working for you guys (for switching between projects)? Mine is not working. It switches to another app instead.

See @benwiggy post above.


I’m saying it doesn’t work and I just wonder if anyone has that problem too.

Cmd-` reliably works for switching between Dorico windows here. It can feel a bit sluggish if it’s multiple projects rather than multiple windows displaying the same project, given the playback stuff has to reload each time switch you project.

What Keyboard Input Source are you using (US, UK, Swedish, etc)…?

Might you have any custom keys at the OS level?

Works on a Swedish keyboard, cmd < or cmd-shift >


Sorry everyone, it was my stupid stupid mistake. Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.