Hotkey: Rename Track + Multiple Track Rename

No hotkey for this!

Also, say I have 4 audio tracks I want to rename for Vox. Selecting all and hitting the (new) rename track hotkey and typing in a name for the top one, would rename the others consecutively Vox, Vox (1), Vox (2), etc, etc.

Nice FR.

While you wait for this FR to be realized in the application you can try this trick using the Project Logical Editor. It’s rudimentary, but allows you to rename multiple selected tracks in (almost) one go.

You will select the necessary tracks, invoke the macro, then type the name into the Parameter 1 field in the lower pane. The tracks will be renamed and numbered, starting with ‘1’.

  1. Create and save a PLE preset;
  2. Create a macro with two commands;
  3. Assign a keystroke to the macro.

PLE preset- save it as ‘Rename Selected Tracks’:
upper pane

Target            |Condition         | Para 1       | bar/range |
Property is set   |Event is Selected |                    
Container Type is |Track             |              |

lower pane

Action Target |  Operation    | Para 1 | Para 2 
Name          | Generate Name |    <?> |  1

Macro- name it ‘Rename Tracks’ you will assign the keystroke to this.

Edit - Project Logical Editor
Process Project Logical Editor - 'Rename Selected Tracks'

Good to know! will have to dig deeper into Project Logicals, only been doing key command macros.

Seems to work, I guess I could have two different presets, with two different hot keys… one for vocal, one for guitar - typically that’s what is getting overdubbed.

Oddly enough, it starts the numbering at ‘3’, trying to figure out why. When I do upper pane Container Type Is, ‘Condition’ only has options ‘Equal’, ‘Unequal’, ‘All Types’, and the ‘Track’ option is in Para 1.

Thank you for your tutorial, now I have a question that could help a LOT of cubase pro users,

When we do a REPLACE of a VST instrument, the standard track name is STEREO OUT

But, the event further down the road on that same track has the “right name”

for instance after RENDER IN PLACE a EWQL Cello MIDI

the new fresh audio event on the new stereo out track will be named correctly after the source (on the condition that you named your midi track with care and detail)

now I am breaking my head over how to make a LOGICAL EDITOR MACRO that could do this;

  • select the event on the track

  • somehow grab or copy the name

  • select the trackname

  • paste the name of this instead of the STEREO OUT which is inly confusing since there is a general STEREO OUT too right?

If you would find a method to do this I am sure this would be shared among all people in the industry having to rename the replace audio track for each replace they did.

Thanks so much !



Dear Steve

can the logical editor copy paste the name from an EVENT to paste it to the tracks name?
this could be useful for after a RENDER in PLACE to get rid of the generic “stereo out” name

any thoughts?

cheers and thank you for your interesting tips