Hotkeys for the mixcosole

is it possible to use hotkeys to switch from faders to inserts in the console?
When plugins are open, you have to constantly shift them to the side to switch to the desired console tab.M
I have cubase 12 pro


What exactly is your use case, please?

For example. I have inserts open in the mixconsole. I open the plugin. The plugin closes access to switching in the mixconsole. Now I have to move the plug-in aside in order to switch to the faders in the mixconsole. I want to do this switching using hotkeys.

Not exactly sure what you mean? Do you want to switch between different channels in the mix console? That is done with cursor-left and cursor-right.
Except of course if you click on a plugin window, then the focus is on that window and you have to click somewhere on the mix console to move the focus, and the cursor keys seem to get “caught” by the plugin window. You could also close and re-open the mix console window (F3) or just do an alt+tab, which moves the focus back to mix console.


Sorry, I’m also still not sure, what exactly do you mean. But I was thinking it’s my language barrier…

Maybe Workspaces could help to your workflow.

If you are in the Lower Zone Mix Console then Command+Option+up or down arrows will toggle between the three available views - faders, inserts or sends.

Obviously the Console window needs to be in focus for the key command to work.
This is the Mac shortcut by the way - Windows version might be different.

Is this what you needed?

New to Cubase (from Cakewalk then Studio One and then Reaper). Don’t know if this will help. But here goes. In Windows, the keyboard shortcut for mixer faders is Ctrl-Shift-Down and Ctrl-Shift-Up. Find them in in Edit/Primary parameter increase and decrease (or change them to your liking). Then set shortcuts of your own for expanding sends and inserts under the “Mixer” keyboard shortcuts. That’s what I do. Hope it works for you.
You have to select mixer area first with arrow down. There’s probably an easier way to put it all in a macro. Haven’t tried yet.

This all works for me on a mixer that is maximized.

looks like what I need. But I have a windows version. Do you know keyboard shortcuts?



Page Up and Page Down keys also work I believe

sorry, doesn’t work. I tryed on laptop and PC, but no!!:frowning: What could be wrong?
If i am im insert-window and click Alt+F3 then I go to Feader-window. But i don’t know how i go to insert-window back