House Style

I am sure it is possible but can someone guide me towards setting up a house style that I can employ for all my music?

Just set up a project the way you want it, and then make sure to Save As Default in Engraving Options/Layout Options/Notation Options. Those defaults will then be retained in every new project (but not old ones).

Then set up a project with all the fonts etc. set the way you want them, and the Master Pages, and save that somewhere safe as template.dorico
When you start work on a new project, open template.dorico, save it under a new file name and start working.

Bear in mind that when I say “start working” I might mean “start inputting notes”, I might mean “import an XML file” and I might also mean “import an existing flow”. All of these are possible.

P.S. A more “official” way of doing this is already on the developers’ to-do list, but it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Many thanks