Hovering mouse shortcuts

Hovering the mouse cursor over buttons in the user interface does not always display the corresponding key command, which I find to be slightly annoying.

Is there a way to force Dorico to always show shortcuts when hovering the mouse over?

No, there’s no way to influence Dorico’s behaviour.
There’s a complication to the way that Dorico works here: the keyboard shortcut will only appear if it functions in exactly the same way as the on-screen button. Also, there are many buttons that don’t have a default key command, though in many cases you can add custom key commands.

Yes, in particular people do ask why the toolbox buttons on the right-hand side in Write mode don’t show the corresponding keyboard shortcuts for the related popover. The answer is that those buttons do not produce popovers, so it would be misleading for the popover shortcut to be shown there.

Thank you Daniel and Pianoleo.

One of the reasons I moved to Dorico (from Sibelius) is to get again proper and quick advice from Daniel and all these nice people.