How about a "Synth Agent" to customize some 808, 909 etc.

How about a “Synth Agent” to customize some 808, 909 etc. You guys did an amazing job with the acoustic and percussion agent, a “synth agent” would be super bad ass. Are you guys up for the challenge?

That’s actually not a bad idea at all. You can load wabetables into groove agent now as a work around.

Coz that’s what the world needs - more variations of xxxxxxg 808s and 909s! :open_mouth:

Music changed sonically drastically decade after decade - until the 80s and we’ve been churning out the same tired old 808s samples ever since - that’s nearly forty years folks! Time to move on?

The idea that a sound is too old is nonsense. Is a piano too old? Is an acoustic guitar too old? A built in wavetable engine inside of Groove Agent can be used to make more than just 808 and 909 drums.

I kinda like the IAP classical machines thing going on in Cubasis 2.2, could it be something like that? Would also resolve the compat issue when importing a Cubasis 2.2 song using classical machines into CB9, if added to GA SE…

Agree that a synthesis base for adding a bit of weight to sampled drums would be a big bonus, was always a bit dubious about Steinberg’s last tag line “All bases covered” for Groove Agent when one enormous section of drum history was totally absent… i.e. drum synthesis….
I’m not looking for a collection of sampled classic drum machines it’s been done to death but a FM or VA layer would make it a truly modern drum tool. Also a resizable arrangement window would be handy…

I have already said that this some time ago. I am in favor. In Falcon a drum oscillator is installed and it is really fun to work with it. It is not only about imitating 808 or 909 sounds. A lot is possible with electronic drums. However, the Envelopes in Groove Agent / HALion would have to be optimized. They are too weak and too slow in the attack phase. The drum oscillator should sound warmer than the current synth in HALion.

This would be cool to have, even if it was just a cutdown/optimized version of the Halion virtual analog synth engine.

Yeah, cool idea.


+1, it’s never the same sound. All about the new processing tehniques, 808 nowadays sound so much different. Gosh, drive it through a modular and the world is open for you. It’s these limited minds that restrict us. The raw sound of the 808/909 is still unbeatable and provide so much, still!

That is a good idea. Drum synthesis with wavetables to do more variations of techno drums would be nice.


I am also wondering why a drum module (drum synthesis) is not in Groove Agent 4. For me it seems that the most important thing is missing in Groove Agent 4.
A few samples seems to be not too much for a truly Steinberg product. Others have given us more with what they have.