How about allowing another Cubase 7.5 trial since Nuendo...

…is running quite late?

Sorry, but how is this connected? If you liked the Cubase trial why not go for that?

I run Nuendo+Nek.
Many of the features are the same if you have Nek no?
Features we might have now if Nuendo were on time yes?
Track Versions, Groove Agent Se, etc etc…

Most people try to time the trial so it ends when the release hits.
Seems obvious to me that a great company might offer something
like an extended trial of the features we are still waiting for.

Just a thought.

Nuendo and Cubase are two different products with different release cycles. If you think that the NEK features are the most interesting for you, maybe Cubase would have been the better product in the first place? Indeed, there was a delay with the release of Nuendo 6.5 but this also happens with Cubase every now and then.

I don’t understand, Nuendo+NEK is not like having N and C all together?
Am i missing something?

Well, yes, if you have Nuendo and the NEK you have all the features Cubase offers.

You say there WAS a delay - does that mean that it has now been released?

patientia sit virtus.

I’m sorry but these discussions have been coming up for years. I still don’t understand why the powers that be at Steinberg don’t get it. There is a very simple solution; offer a combi licence, so that people can have both Cubase and Nuendo, latest versions, but not be able to use both at the same time. Then these discussions would go away, and we could spend the time talking about the showstopping bugs that are still in the program. :wink:


There was a delay that delays the release. I don’t think that there is another delay at the moment :wink:

the issue is, cubase and nuendo are two completely different products, see? they may seem identical on surface. they may seem identical under the hood.

but get this;

they are two completely different products, two completely different products, two completely different products (bangs on table).

that’s the issue.

What is this delay - some new effect feature that nobody wants?

Yes, but in the past they have offered a combi licence, so a precedent has already been set.


That’s not it, rest assured.

Pure speculation on my part but…

I reckon there has been some major unforeseen difficulties with the integration of a recent Nuage firmware update, which has been the cause of a deal of ‘grief’ for Nuendo devs… (April 07 2014)

I could be wrong.

You are.


You’ve got me worried now - are we, the great unwashed majority of non-nuage users, being pushed into second place behind the favoured few stratocumulus disciples?