How about putting eq/comp at sends..?

One thing I would find very very handy is if one was able to process the signal you send to a destination with a simple eq and also comp/exp.

There are tons of uses for this, for example if you have a shared reverb bus that is receiving from multiple sends and where, lets say the kick overpowers the reverb signal with bass. If you could just roll off some lows in the signal sent to the reverb, you would not need to create an extra utility track for that.


IMO it would be better to have insert points on each send, but I agree it’s an important concept.

Nice idea. I’d particularly like to see level meters on the sends - and for that matter level meters on the in/outs of FX too.


I thought about this as well and would love to see such a feature.

I’d welcome this as well! The concept would make most sense like suntower suggested, inserts points on all sends.

Yes, I would like to use my own plugins, so the solution by suntower would be the better one to me.

+1 that would be ideal

Interesting idea,but wont eq’ing something before it reaches the reverb cause phasing issues?plus one on the meter for each send.

Could cause phase issues but doesn’t have to.

Pre-EQing a send (either on the way to the send by using an extraprepared alias of the signal or by simply putting an EQ before the FX on FX channel or whatever method you can imagine) is everyday business. If it causes problems use something else. Sometimes the problems might even sound great :laughing:

What the request is after is to make that kind of process easier, more flexible simply.

Yep, I’ve requested that before, and I’ll request it again!