How add multiple possible fingerings in piano score?

I’m making an exercise book for piano and I like to add multiple fingers for the same passages. The only way that seems possible in Dorico is to add one extra fingering in brackets. But I like to add more than one extra possibility, like on the pictures that I added in the attachment. Can this be done somehow?

I think your best bet might actually be to use lyrics with a stylized font.

Alternatively, you can add notes in another voice, and in Engrave mode, make them stemless, change the voice column position, and offset them to override their default stacking order. You’ll also have to edit Engraving Options > Fingering to not show brackets for duplicate fingers.

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried this method and it works, but it is just so much extra work. But it would be great if Dorico allowed multiple fingerings just for one voice. First of all, it is quite a work to add an extra voice and make it fall together with the other voice. Then adding the fingerings so that they show up in the right order on top and below the notes. This is what I did and took me 20 minutes. Perhaps with a little practice, I can do it a bit faster. Ordinarily, it would take me less than a minute.

Personally I don’t like alternate fingers FWIW, too confusing. But you may know that in Dorico you can put whatever you want in the fingering line, such as 3 2 [1] 2

I don’t think so, because I can do only one more alternative fingering in one voice. And in engraving options I can choose to have that in brackets or not. I can choose to show the alternative fingering below the main fingering, not above resulting in what you see in this the example below. I like how it shows in the LH, but not how it shows for the RH.

And in engraving mode properties panel (Command + 8), I can not select the alternative fingering separate for adding different properties to each cipher, it always selects both main and alternative fingering cipher. That limits the possibilities of engraving.