How are you versioning / managing your projects?

Coming from a software development background, I instinctively want to put things in version control. If I go too far afield in version 1.2, I can just roll back to version 1.1. With code, the files are relatively small. Audio projects like Cubase, not so much. Also, while you can version deltas of text files, when you version a binary file like a .wav, systems typically just store a new complete copy. One of the challenges is that if you record 10 takes of a track, that’s 10 different filenames, not one file with 10 versions. There are other adventures as well, of course.

I currently use an old version control product called Source Safe, which serves me and has much less admin overhead than Git / Subversion / etc. However, I’m always looking to improve my process. Just wondering what approach you guys use.

Time Machine.

I just use ‘create new version’ on Cubase projects and I don’t version the audio files at all. I don’t feel the need to do that.

That’s an Apple thing, right?