How best to copy SATB parts to piano staff for rehearsal score?

When I imported my SATB MIDI file into Dorico, Dorico incorrectly copied portions of each track to the piano track (which in my original sequence was a blank track). I attempted to edit it, but it was really a patchwork of correct and incorrect material. So, I decided it would be best to erase all notes from the piano track and start over.

Due to deadlines, I perfected the SATB parts and sent them out without a piano part for rehearsal. But now I’d like to go back and add that. I’ve searched the help documents for tips, but so far, the procedure is proving elusive.

What’s the best way to copy the notes from each of the SATB tracks and get them onto a grand staff for the pianist’s rehearsal score?

I am not sure I understand well what you need, but it looks like :
select the whole soprano part (click on first note and then shift-cmd-A)
Right-click at the beginning of the piano part, and in the contextual menu, Paste Into voice > upstem voice 1

The same with the Alto voice, but paste into downstem voice 1…

It should not be longer than a bunch of seconds.

Hope it helps !

Marc, I think your Shift-Command-A shortcut is one you’ve set up for yourself, probably for Edit > Select to End of Flow – that command doesn’t have a key command by default.

You are absolutely right, Daniel ! I just forgot I created it, but it is really useful :wink:

Snap - I have exactly the same shortcut set up for the same purpose, probably because it closely approximates what that shortcut did in “the other software” :wink:

No, I think it is because you mentioned it in a previous thread and I borrowed it from you!