How best to record single Track/Channel while Control Room (CUES) are active

I’d like advice for recording a single Audio track sending Cues from Control Room. Performer needs to hear volume and panning of mixes I send them via Cubase 12.x Mix Console but need just their input recorded, not the mix they’re hearing. How best to do this?Each Audio Track I record gets its audio from a Bus Connection, Mon L/R. I use Apollo UA Interface. Posting Snip of Control Room. Not allowed to post other snips yet e.g. of my HW inputs or Busses ! New User Steinberg is saying . :slight_smile:
CR Settings

Control room is for monitoring only.

Is this incorrect (from documentation) or am I misreading? Please explain.
“The Control Room allows you to divide the studio environment into the performing area (studio) and the engineer/producer area (control room).”

Which Apollo do you use?

Apollo x4 and their console software.

I’ve played with their software - cues vs mixes as well Aux sends. Can’t figure out how lay down a track without the mix material in the performers headphones getting recorded. It’s probably a routings issue.

Regards, Jon

Yes it is. Make sure you don’t route the output to the recording channels.

Nothing is needed with Cubase. Just route the input to the tracks in Cubase.

How does your input setup look like?

Are you using Cubase’s control room? Aren’t you doubling outs? Have you selected “none” in stereo outs, in F4 vst connections?

Also I have always, always found it much simpler, straightforward and hassle-free just to use cubase’s CR and mix console, and sending performers Cue Sends from one mixer, instead of fiddling with two layers of software, eventually imputing conflicting commands. Also it lets me “listen” to the performer’s mix, checking levels on the fly, etc. I don’t really know Apollo and its mixer, though, and maybe there’s something about it that you’re not willing to let go, and that’s totally fine :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why you ask about control room.

I guess, there is a routing in Console that sends the outputs from Cubase back to the inputs.

To me it also sounds like the problem does not arise within Cubase but within the mixer software of the audio interface.

Hi All, I attach snips of both HW Inputs and Buses.
From UA Audio Interface: Lines 1 and 2 are open, Lines 3 and 4 have a Synth and a Mic. I record VST’s as well Percussion off EZ Drummer, see below
HW Inputs

Connect to Bus

This is not useful, it doesn’t show any configuration.
Just options…

I can post our Audio Hardware and Buss Configurations later when I get back to the studio. Are those what you want? If there’s a paragraph which tells m in the manual how to route / record a track with just a solo player being recorded (VST, Instrument, MIC or Input) but they hear my CUE mix dialed in, that would be great. If not a CUE mix, I’d settle with a Mix Console setting,

After setting up your Audio Connections and selecting an appropriate bus for recording, you get the Main Mix audio recorded to your track, there must be some audio loop-back routing in your audio interface software. Unless of course you’re talking about ‘bleed’.

It’s very hard to say what is wrong on your side with your description.
We already mentioned that it is most likely outside Cubase.
There are Cue mixes in Cubase available and outside as well.