How Big?

I was wondering the scale of Steinberg development compair to apple (Logic) and Avid (Pro tools). I know steinberg teamed up with Yamaha but i Guess they dont program for steinberg.
Is Steinberg like a 1 % compair to Apple? And avid like 25 % of apple? You can think of steinberg like HP WebOS 2.o (really good but not many use it, yet.) and Logic is Android. :slight_smile:

Yamaha Music is the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world. But I think Steiny is an island in there somewhere.

What a lot of people don’t know is that there are basically two manufacturers of guitar strings in the world… same with anti-freeze… but everybody is always declaiming how one particular make of strings, or one particular type of anti-freeze, is so much better than all the others

Love the pie story!
To twilightsong: I guess Ernie Ball is made by one of the companies and D’Addario is made by the other company, because when I used Ernie Ball they broke all the time, so I switched…

Yes money rules. Of course. I was just thinking of the size of the company. Numbers of programmers. Compair to logic and Pro Tools. Thats something few in this forum knows. Only the moderators.
My personally view is Steinberg has around 10 programmers. Not everyone has been theres since the start. Steinberg programmers are excellent but not many. Apple and Avid has around 30 programmers working on their respektive daws.
I remember the intreview with cubase “ceo” when cubase 5 was released. I could follow steinberg into their office. That was really fun!
My point to this point is about the future. Will cubase survival the DAW ecosystem. In the smartphones market many companies struggle. For example Nokia working with Microsoft to survive (will use their windows phone 7). Google is taking more and more forcing apple do release low budget Iphones to sell phones not onlyg in the high smart phone market.
Pro Tools and Logic is the big fishes. I hope Cubase will be the biggest but most important the best (stable and creative and the same time).

ProTools, due to to marketing strategy, got the studio crowd early on. That’s why it is a “standard”. Truthfully, it doesn’t mean it is any better or worse than Cubase / Nuendo. Apple due to marketing strategy, got the “cult” following / niche market, early on. (No offense meant to Mac users) :slight_smile:

It is nothing more than catching the right wave at the right time.

Just the fact that Yamaha picked Steinberg means a lot. Yamaha has it’s hands in many pies, and is (in the long list of controversial huge companies) generally pretty reputable. They wouldn’t have picked Steinberg if they didn’t see a future in it. To drop the company now or in the near future would be like GM dropping Saturn. A stupid move. Saturn was the only forward thinking automobile in GM’s entire lineup. Steinberg might be a little island in a vast corporation, but it is pretty hardy as well has having a solid history behind it. So I don’t think it will be going anywhere soon.

Not to mention… think about this forum specifically. How many of these other companies have had sales and marketing, plugin programmers, product developers and internal tech support answer direct questions on the forums? Not only that, but casually and candidly? Ya gotta admit, that’s pretty rare.


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Sorry, but this isn’t the best analogy, IMO. The problem with Saturn was that it took sales away from GM (about half of all Saturn buyers were previous GM owners) which Steinberg won’t do to Yamaha since they don’t have competing products. The other big problem with Saturn was entirely political – the UAW and bosses at GM resented Saturn’s success and innovation and eventually reshaped it into the same old money-losing business GM itself had become – something I don’t think will happen to Steinberg since it appears Yamaha is giving Steiny plenty of room to “do their thing” and is getting some good mileage out of the way their products integrate/communicate.

Saturn itself DID have some flaws, however: a rigid set of franchise rules as well as the infamous “no haggle price” strategy. Take my word for it, as someone whose family has been in the new car business for 70 years: the “no haggle” schtick doesn’t work.

I don’t want to stray too far away from the topic at hand by going in depth about Saturn, but the analogy works ok on the surface. Most people (including me) won’t know political details and competitive strategies regarding GM.

Not to mention, the acquisition of Steinberg into the Yamaha family is still fairly recent, and with Yamaha, there is no telling what it will do. If Yamaha decided to launch it’s own DAW software (though I can’t see any reason why they would shoot themselves in the foot like that), then it would have many the same parameters as the rest of your explanation.

You do have a point. :laughing:
Realistically in my case, the end result of the product is what works for me. Doesn’t matter how big nor small, how “big” a name or family company. It needs to have what I need to put my sound down. That’s all. I’m not really interested in keeping up with the Joneses. H3ll, most of the time I don’t even LIKE the Joneses. :laughing: