How can A.I. Voice Cloning become a legal Steinberg plugin?

To have your own vocal sing in your tack, then replaced by a Cloned Voice of someone else ( lets say Robbie Williams for example) does sound like fun but it is not fair on the person you have cloned the voice from. I would like to clone my old voice from years ago ( when I could sing better than I do now) for my own demos. If there was a new Steinberg plugin that could do that, like all those Googled sites that offer this tech for a monthly fee, then great. … But then what is to stop someone from using it to clone any voice? Vocaloide have this tech in their plugin but the cloned voices are legit. Perhaps Steinberg can have a monitored “Upload Your Own Vocal” so the plugin can learn it and reject it if it’s Robbie Williams or Roger Whittaker for example?

There’s a ton of potential for a lot of false positives, that might silence genuine voices, just because they were unlucky enough to sound like someone before them.

The numerous reports of false positives in content id should give everyone cause for pause on letting robots be judge, jury and executioner.

Honestly, the concerns of people in the music industry should be the smallest concerns there are when it comes to voice cloning. There might be so much fake in the future that nobody will know what the truth is anymore.