How Can control room also give me a stereo mix from a mono track

I recorded vocals in mono and when listening through headphones in control room,i can listen to the mix in mono and stereo.
I really like the stereo mix that control room is creating for me from a mono track,i dont understand why it does this,but can i replicate this stereo track into my mix.
Its like control room is converting mono to stereo on the fly

Please show screen shot of your vocal channels. Panning and routing.

CR should not be creating a stereo mix. Your CR output is presumably stereo in the first place, unless you have set it to mono.

Sorry Phil,
Ma stupid
I was following dom sigalas video on parallel compression on vocals and the way that it is set up has a stereo delay on the vocal channel,so obviously that’s where the stereo mix in control room is coming from.
Many thanks for your help.

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