How can I access slower Tempo than Andante

Sorry, perhaps I missed anything, but somehow I have no Idea how to access the slow tempodefinitions.
In the Tempotab I see above all available tempos a field with slower on the left and faster on the right side in between three little bar’s which look like as if they are meant to chose the direction towards slower or faster tempi.
what ever and where ever I click and in around those Bars or words: nothing happens
So what is my mistake, how can I access something like an Adagio or Largo?

OK I found out as soon I chose any tempo suddenly the whole range of possible tempo from Largissimo up to Prestissimo becomes available. But what did I need that slower- faster- Bar for if I do have only the option of a limited set between Andante and Vivace and the whole, and obviously could only acces the whole range of tempi by chose any tempo which I actually dont want, but am, forced to chose to access the hidden higher or lower Tempi.
However this seems to me currently not very plausible, if I havn’t missed anything and this would be really the only way to chose the higher or slower tempo I am looking for.

At the top, there is a ‘filter’ that limits the range of available tempi. (Langsamer ---- Schneller).

You can create any tempo text you want by using the “Popover”. Select the score where you want the text; type “Shift T”, then enter the text, followed by “q=30” or whatever you want. You can also adjust the duration, speed and text in the Properties panel.

I wonder where the MM marks corresponding to the tempi came from. They don’t seem to match what 18th/19th century composers meant by the words, and they don’t match the labels on old mechanical metronomes.

I know the current “fashion” is for fast tempi, but just because you can play something fast doesn’t always mean that you should.

Hi benwiggy,
I also thought it would be a “filter”, but than I would expecxt, that it would show me the “langsamer” (slower) tempo by clicking on this word or the left bar and show me the “schneller” (faster) tempos by clicking on “Schneller” or the right bar.

But here at least: there is no reaction on any click at all neither on “Langsamer” nor on “schneller” nor anywhere else in this label or bar.

Hi Rob,
tha MM-association to the traditional tempo definitions are not the problem, I just regard them as suggestions, which could be easily changed or hidden.

Slide the little dark squares away from the middle.

Ok, that was definitly my mistake. I havn’t realised them to be “sliderbuttons” and haven’t tried to use them as sliders.
Thank you!