How can I active Pro10.5 after reinstall windows

I have Pro10 activated on 18/11/2018
and upgraded to 10.5 for free in last year.

I must to reinstalled my system, Windows10
How can i use 10.5 again?
Now i reinstall Pro10 and use with my a USB-eLicenser (dongle) don’t need to be reactivated license.

If you have activated Pro10.5 on you USB elicenser then you are good to use any earlier version of Cubase, set up you new hard drive then just install the Cubase version you want to use (anything from sx3 up to 10.5). Use the download assistant to download the versions of Cubase you need to install or the download links from the support page. You do not need to re-activate it, just install it and plug in your USB dongle.

Umm… I just installed 10.5 but i can’t lunch it, the window show “No valid License found” andneed to Stat License Activation that required an Active Code.

I did it recently and everything works ok.
Same thing. On my old system I upgraded 10.5 from 10. So on my new system I had to download the full 10.5 from my steinberg via download assistent and UPDATE my usb license, that wasn’t updated. I guess I install licenser first and then install 10.5, not sure. But make sure you have USB licenser updated and you are good.

Your license is for Cubase 10. You installed Cubase 10.5 which requires a Cubase 10.5 license.