How can I ad a double flat or double sharp ?

Yes I have searched the Help and the Forum first, but did not managed yet to get a double sharp (or double flat).
(Perhaps this might due to the fact that I am on a german Keyboard)

  • I find ony single flat and sharp as Icon in the UI
  • I find also no shortcuts for other than single sharp or flat
  • I even was not able to make the shortcut for enhamonic respelling work properly
  • neither “Alt-” nor “Alt=” or “Alt+” has any effect at all
  • also with “Alt shift up” and “Alt shift down” it was not possible double sharp
  • the only thing I found working was the enharmonic spelling with “alt ß” but honestly I even do not know what should be “ALT + SINGLE QUOTE” on my german Keyboard. At least I found no combination of any keys which will act as “ALT + SINGLE QUOTE” should do.

So please show me how I may apply double sharps and doublke flats.
Thank you

If you click on the key signature button (two sharps) on the right side of the window, you’ll see a panel with Accidentals at the bottom, with a variety of options. If you click on one of the accidentals, it will appear next to your selected note, and you should hear the result.

I haven’t tried keyboard shortcuts for anything except sharp, flat and natural; but at least on US keyboards, the enharmonic shortcuts work well.

Hi Stephen
Thank you first for this hint.
I found the the Accidential in the Key-signaturepanel.

Still I would like to know:

  • if there are any shortcuts for double accidentials and
  • what “singlequote” means on a german keyboard

You can create the shortcuts yourself in the shortcut editor (the shortcut for which is Cmd/Ctrl + semicolon). In the editor, search for Vorzeichen or Doppelkreuz or whatever, and you will find a way to define the shortcuts you prefer. Some of the original shortcuts won’t work in non-English keyboard configurations, so the shortcut editor is a very useful place to familiarize yourself with.

Single quote is ’ on the same key as #, next to ä


(feature suggestion) The obvious (built-in) shortcut would be =Alt= for double sharp or =Alt=Alt= for triple-sharp, in analgoy with 6.Alt. for a double-dotted crotchet

That would necessitate remapping the shortcuts for respelling the previous note, if I’m understanding you correctly.

Ha, indeed. Never realised that Alt= changed the previous note! (learned something again)

I guess you could say that it’s odd that 6.Alt. doesn’t dot the previous note :wink:

It does if you’ve set the input preference for augmentation dots to come after note values.

But assuming the default settings, it’s duration (including dots) then pitch, then potentially respell pitch, which feels pretty consistent to me.

Ok, fair enough :wink: I guess my point was that the Alt key has a dual role (using the default setting), either modifying the current articulation or duration OR changing the focus to a different note.

If I close my eyes and imagine a world where there was no software yet, I would probably imagine that it would be most intuitive to input articulation and accidentals before the note, but rhythm dots after the note. But obviously not a problem to work with the current implementation, and yes, my suggestion for a shortcut no longer holds.