How can I add an LFO to non-MIDI stuff?

Hi. I’ve tried reading a few guides, but I don’t seem to understand how this works. To keep it simple, I’ll give you my two concrete examples of what I want to do.

  1. I want to use an lfo to automate the volume of an audio track.
  2. I want to use another lfo to automate the saturation amount of the Saturation Knob plug-in, which is an insert on another audio track.

In other DAWs I have used, this would be incredibly easy. I would add a new lfo controller, and just ctrl-drag the volume/saturation button onto the lfo, et voilà. But in Cubase, the only LFO I’ve found is a MIDI insert, so I don’t understand how I must proceed, and I didn’t find the manual particularly helpful.

It’s a round about process but you could do it with a virtual MIDI port, a generic remote map, and a MIDI track.

  1. Use the Generic Device options to hard link a CC to the control(s) in question. Set the input of the remote map as a Virtual MIDI Port.

  2. Make a MIDI track and connect its output to the virtual MIDI port, then use the MIDI LFO insert in this track.

Here is a thread with info on the tactic.


PS You can also make a MIDI track with a MIDI LFO Insert, freeze it, convert the results to a VST lane, copy and paste to the VST lane(s) you want to use it with.

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Though this feels kinda hacky, it’s by far more convenient for my use case. Thanks!