How can I add the channels from MixConsole into the project window?

Please excuse me if this has been asked so many times before. I couldn’t find exactly what I’m looking for so I decided to post.
I’ve created a multi out instance of Kontakt 7 as an instrument track and 16 midi channels routed to that Kontakt instrument. I’ve enabled the audio channels, but they only show up in the mix console. How can I set it up so I can see them in the project window where my channels are located on the left?

Setting up a rack instrument and enabling the audio channels shows up both on the mix console and the project window. But I prefer to use instrument tracks, instead.

I’m using Cubase Pro 12 on a Mac.

Grateful for your time.

Hi and welching to the forum,

These are just an automation tracks in fact. In the Project window, you can see them as an automation of the Instrument track.

Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for your reply. What If I wanted to print the audio to that audio channel I enabled? My goal is to create separate audio outs so I can mix and maybe print to audio if I want to. If I bounce the selected track to audio, then wouldn’t that create another audio channel that would show up in the mix console?

Also why does it show when creating a rack instrument and not with an instrument track?


You can Render in Place, or you can record from Output Bus to an Audio Track (Cubase Pro only).

You can mix without the need of export.

The Outputs show up in the MixConsole even without the Audio Tracks.

If you select an Instrument with multi-outs, you can see all the Audio Return Channels.