How can i assign an atonal arabic key signatue

Hello Thank you for responding
i am willing to write pure arabic music with dorico.
now i know how to use accidental over a note using the 24 temp system
but i want to assign an atonal key signature for the whole layout, for example instead to add gminor key with 2 flats, i would like to add a Rast scale by using 2 quarter flats in key signature, how can i achieve this
than you

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Custom key signatures are stored within a tonality system. So:

  • With 24-EDO selected at the top of the key signatures panel, click the little pencil icon to bring up the Edit Tonality System dialog
  • Under “Custom key signatures” on the right, click the + button to create a new one

See the documentation (4.0) for more details. Let us know if you need more help!

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Thanks Mark. I will do that,
Such a great pleasure to share this superior notator, with everyone