How can I bounce audio events while keep all events at their position

Hello, I want to search this online but not sure what words to search.

I have a project containing thousands of bars, and there are few tracks contain metronome wav audio files, which are thousands of them follows the music in this project, since this project is for live performance, I have to adjust those metronome events all the time to fit music so I can’t use build in metronome.
Now I want to transpose those metronomes wav, it’s not hard to do, I just select all of them and set the number I want on the black bar(on top of the main project window), then I found because there are too many events, Cubase starting to lag a bit after this, so what I want to do is to make those transpose setting bounced into those metronome events while keeping all events at their original position.
If I use “Bounce Selection” function, they’ll all become a long event and I will lose the ability to edit them so this is not an option to me, is there any easy way to do this?


If you have a version of Cubase that has the “Render In Place” function try that. In the settings menu choose “As Separate Events”. The events should render at the same locations they are currently at.

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you can use Groove Agent or Sampler Track with a 1 Click Sample.
Pattern Mode in GA or Pattern Midi Plugin are also helpful.

Thank you all, sorry forget to mention my spec, I’m using win10 pro with Cubase9.
Looks like “Render In Place” can do the job while keeping those events independent, thanks!